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Ticket help
19 lug 2012, 14:50


I am trying to buy a ticket to Machu Picchu for Wednesday, July 25th. Your website is telling me that there are still 1,460 spaces left for that day, but when I try to buy the ticket the website does not allow me to select any day in July. I don't want to be unable to visit Machu Picchu because of this problem -- please tell me what I can do in order to be able to buy a ticket.

Thank you,


Re: Ticket help
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19 lug 2012, 15:17

Hello James,

Thank you for your email and for your interest in our services. In fact, because there are so few spaces left for some days, our online system only accepts purchases for after a 20-day period, that is why you cannot chose July 25.

Since there are still enough spaces left for Machu Picchu only for July 25, we can make an exception for you. You can go ahead and purchase for the first available date on our system and we will change the date manually to July 25, _Machu Picchu only_ and purchase your tickets accordingly. However, we can offer you this possibility only for 24 hours because the local bank where we have to pay is not open on weekends and next week it would be too late.

Best regards,

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